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Spring Breakers is about some Disney girls whose prime directives seem to be “Party” and “Become Hardcore.” It features zero automatons and is not set anywhere near Detroit. Already it’s off to a rough start, but I was excited to see that it had its share of criminal scumbags and automatic weapons, but they don’t really get to do much. Certainly not as much as Boddicker’s men got to do with the Cobra Assault Cannons.

Maybe it’s because this film was set in Florida, rather than Michigan. What I mean is, perhaps it’s the actual locale that dictates how much action one movie can have. If Michigan is a “10,” Florida is somewhere around the “4” mark. That, and without the smooth editing of Frank Urioste, Spring Breakers kind of drags. The movie is some kind of artistic statement on American excess, which is an idea certainly touched upon in RoboCop, but RC had way more explosions. It’s an okay movie, and while James Franco’s performance is fun to watch, it’s not enough to really carry the whole film. Think ED-209: great first impression, leaves you a bit disappointed.



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