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RoboCop is a movie that means business. It gets down and dirty from the get-go, and feels like an experienced filmmaker was behind it. In a World is a bit more awkward, stumbling around like a newborn calf.

It’s fine. It’s a cute movie, though it doesn’t quite feel finished. Like it should have had certain things rewritten, or re-shot. It’s got a ton of funny people in it, but the performances range anywhere between fantastic (Rob Corddry) and embarrassing (Fred Melamed.) The plot is intriguing, about a young woman who is hoping to break into the field of voiceover, while grabbing the coveted phrase of, “In a world…” from her more established father.

RoboCop also had a plot about a young up-and-comer trying to seize an old man’s throne. Bob Morton is a cocky executive who wants RoboCop to be the future of law enforcement. Dick Jones is an older, more experienced contender, who will do anything to get ED-209 on the map. Because RoboCop is a much more intense movie than In a World, we get to see Bob Morton blown up at Dick’s command. Then later, Dick gets shot a bunch of times and falls out of a window at OCP headquarters.

Those are serious brushstrokes…and it’s all done without a single wasted frame. Even though both characters are cutthroat scumbags, it’s sad to see them go, because they’re both so wonderfully written and acted. RoboCop feels confident, and reassuring – the audience never has to wonder if every scene or character is necessary, or properly presented. Lake Bell is just starting out, so it’s understandable if her first movie is a bit wobbly. I’m just reinforcing the idea that RoboCop is a sturdy film, like a pair of metal legs



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