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Comic book movies are an interesting topic. Some of the subject matter they cover might be pretty similar to ol’ RoboCop. In fact, RoboCop himself was in some comics in the ’90s, precisely because his story lends itself to comics pretty well. We’ve got a robot-suited man in IM3, but that doesn’t mean Tony Stark is comparable to Alex Murphy. What Murphy went through was a torturous death and failure as a policeman, followed by a mechanical rebirth in a cyborg shell. Stark is some rich jerk who felt like building himself a fancy toy – a toy he can step out of.

The Iron Man suit is a capable one, but would¬†we be able to empathize with RoboCop if he could fly? Probably not. Actually, that question was already answered by a certain 1993 movie that shall remain nameless. RC’s limitations, his inability to escape, his duty…these are human qualities. It’s why I kinda liked Guy Pearce’s character, Aldrich Killian,¬† in IM3 since he took on a permanent change with “Extremis.” He’s almost on that Murphy-level of commitment.

I know I didn’t talk much about the plot of IM3 here, but it’s the type of movie you go to watch, not examine. It’s got some great visuals, though they’re not as iconic as shots from RoboCop…like the one where Dick Jones falls out of a building and his arms look all long. It’s visually entertaining, has some fun dialogue (it’s not “bitches, leave” level fun), and it has Ben Kingsley talking funny.