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Pain & Gain is a pretty awful movie. This already does not bode well for a RoboCop comparison. The Rock is a huge dude who could probably bend gun barrels if he wanted to, but he’s most likely not a robot. He’s also the best thing about this movie, as it gets pretty dark. Admittedly, so does RoboCop, but the happy ending and good humor saves that movie from being depressing…and it’s (allegedly) not based on a true story, like P&G over here. Also, it’s got a lot of childish homophobia and racism, so, look out for that! As a reminder, RoboCop was an equal-opportunity, badass movie.

The movie has its moments, and it reeks of Michael Bay…so of course, there’s the unnecessary briefing room scene and the slo-mo military shot. I guess that’s fine for people who go out for that sort of thing. RoboCop didn’t need any military BS, as it’s already got a one-man-army…

(RoboCop, I’m referring to the titular character of RoboCop, RoboCop.)